The Percolator Workspace - Co-Working for Creatives in Downtown Oakland

The Percolator Workspace is a co-working space for artists and creatives in downtown Oakland, California. Dedicated work spaces and desks are now available to visual artists, photographers, designers and others looking for a creative workspace.

The Percolator Workspace - a co-working space for creatives in Downtown Oakland, CA - is now open to the public. Percolator is a co-working space for creative entrepreneurs and other workers looking for a clean, professional, inspiring workspace, and the brainchild of founders Tad Crawford and Peter Imai.

"We were looking for a space that combined our passions for creativity and entrepreneurship. While there are other co-working spaces in the area, most catered to either artists as studio spaces, or digital workers in sterile, computer only environments. We wanted something that fused these two concepts and represented the current creative movement in downtown Oakland. When we couldn't find anything suitable, we decided to create our own."
- Tad Crawford
Visual Artist | Oakland, CA

The Percolator workspace is a co-working space for creative entrepreneurs and artists. The 2000 square foot space in downtown Oakland, California is split into two adjoining sections - with room for artists creating physical work as well as digital workers working on computer based projects. Current members include an award winning textile designer, two visual artists, a clothing designer, photographer and a web developer. Currently there are spaces available for a handful of others. The Percolator Workspace is well situated in downtown Oakland's burgeoning art & mural district, sitting on 15th and webster, two blocks from the 12th St. Bart station. Spaces include 24hr access, utilities, WIFI, and range in cost from $200-255.

Peter Imai
339 15th St
Oakland, CA 94612

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Peter Imai
Press Contact, Percolator Workspace
Percolator Workspace
339 15th st
Oakland, CA 94612
United States