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The Pavilion Jamaica Vacation Villa Keeps Modern with Recent Remodel of Guest Bathrooms

The Pavilion Vacation Villa in Jamaica creates a very special vacation experience with its open air bungalow style design for its bedroom accommodations. They recently remodeled the bathrooms, keeping the home current and maintaining the natural feel

Pavilion would like to announce the completion of its most recent renovation. Pavilion is a five bedroom villa located in the Spring Farm area of Montego Bay Jamaica. It was originally constructed in the 1960's and has been updated several times over the last 40 years. The primary goal of each renovation has been to remain true to the original structure and beauty of the home, while improving its overall comfort and convenience. Pavilion was originally designed to incorporate the natural setting into the living space, not to build a living space in the natural setting. To achieve this they built the home in what could be referred to as bungalow style with each bedroom and the main house all being comprised of their own bungalows. This is done so well you hardly notice when you go from the outside into your bedroom suite or the main living area. The feeling this creates is extraordinary, being in nature is good for the soul, and this open air feeling is not only immediately appealing to the senses but has a deep down release of stress on the internal psyche.

The Pavilion plans on maintaining a current look and feel while keeping this communion with nature, in doing so the home receives consistent updates and remodels. The Pavilion's most recent renovation was completed in November of 2013. Two of the five bathrooms were completely remodeled. Kyann Walker of Jamaica designed their new look and oversaw the construction. Ms. Walker is also an artist and many of her paintings can be found around the Pavilion.

The choice of Kyann for the Pavilion renovation worked brilliantly, the bathrooms turned out beautiful, maintaining the open style of the Pavilion while offering privacy. Each bathroom has its own unique color pallet, finishing's, layout and style. All are light and airy embodying the ease that is a vacation in Jamaica villa.

The Master Bedroom, the Pink Bedroom and the White Bedroom, all masters in their own right, each feature a tub with separate rain shower, double vanity and closet with toilet and bidet. The tubs are all unique, the Master Bedroom tub's diamond shape easily fits two for a romantic and relaxing soak, set among turquoise tiles that embody the beautiful Caribbean waters, and pastel yellow walls that capture the abundant sunshine of Jamaica. The sunken black tile bath of the Pink Room also easily fits two and captures the jungle side of the Pavilion villa views. Surrounded by palm plants and forest inspired painted walls carrying the notion of bringing the outside in one even further. The White Bedrooms oval shaped tub also accommodates two, and is set against a large window that makes it hard to tell where the outside ends and the inside begins. The Yellow Bedrooms has a has a handicap accessible walk in shower, making a stay at the guest villa very accommodating. The Blue Bedrooms bath has a walk in shower, toilet closet and double vanity. This bedroom is connected to the master bedroom via a door to it's dressing room that contains a trundle bed for two children making this an ideal Jamaica vacation rental for a family with children who want privacy but to be close to their young ones.

The Pavilion wants your Jamaica vacation experience to be truly luxurious down to every detail. Keeping all of the home comfortable is one of the many ways the owners keep the Caribbean vacation villa one of the most sought after in Jamaica.

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