The PAMM Indexes at Forex Trend Post a 60% Return in 2013.

Forex Trend has been considered the best Forex broker offering PAMM accounts according to the Masterforex-V Expo and thanks to the unprecedented innovations, the world's best Forex broker allows you to obtain a high and stable income.

Most people do know that a sure and safe way to reach your financial goals is through discipline and saving, but not all of us practice sound and logical financial administration of our hard-earned money. We must be very realistic when it comes to finances, because your future depends on how well can you support yourself when the years have come by and the body is not in the same physical shape as before.

How can we start creating, saving, and growing our capital?

Some folks are still being attracted to the interests on products that traditional commercial banks offer. For instance, there is the skimpy interest rate that a regular certificate of deposit at a bank pays, which could not be more than a monthly 1%. But people keep going to the same banks for this returns without realizing that there are higher yielding investments all over the world and not only in their local financial institutions.

Tough conditions are an opportunity for people to show that they can survive and support themselves and most importantly, adapt to changes. It is not easy to find money, save it, and increase it. But in the Forex market, which is the financial market with the biggest daily turnover of capital, amounting to 4 trillion Dollars a day, you can find excellent opportunities to achieve your goals. The Forex market has allowed thousands of traders and investors from around the world to successfully profit from it.

Forex Broker Forex Trend has been considered the best Forex broker offering PAMM accounts according to the Masterforex-V Expo and thanks to the unprecedented innovations of such a large market, the world's best Forex broker allows you to obtain a high and stable income.

The unique and exclusive advantages of investing in PAMM Account indexes have returned six to seven times more in just one month. Obviously, this is a lot more than what the banks are paying. In 2013 the average profits of the PAMM indexes was from 30% to 40%. The most profitable one returned 60%.

At the end of the trading period, the investor of the PAMM indexes can choose to reinvest the profits or withdraw them without restrictions. By the way, it also pays to notice that the yields of the PAMM indexes not only surpass the interest in banks, but also the main stock indexes around the world like the Dow Jones, the S&P 500, the NASDAQ, and even the Nikkei index.

Another great advantage of using the PAMM Account indexes as an investment vehicle is that you do not need to be involved in the actual trading. You just decide which indexes to invest in, lay back and relax and let the professional traders do their job. Forex Broker Forex Trend has some of the top account managers in its team and the results speak for themselves in the account ratings.

Many experts agree that the PAMM Account indexes have revolutionized not only the Forex market, but the entire trading and financial industry by being a very unique product, setting itself apart from other trading instruments. The general manager of Forex Broker Forex Trend, Mr. Andrew Polishevich explained to the experts of Masterforex-V World Academy, the different ways to diversify your portfolio with the PAMM Account indexes, adding that just in 2013 the average investor would have received a 40% return.

As it was mentioned before, it is not necessary to understand the puzzles of the financial markets, which are sometimes unbearable to understand even for professional traders. Your portfolio can be diversified even within the PAMM indexes, because you can choose to invest in different PAMM indexes with different risk levels and yields. The great thing about trusting your money to a money manager at the Forex Broker Forex Trend is that the manager also has invested money of his own in the fund and it is in his best interest to keep the profits steady and the risk measured. This obviously brings extra protection and trust to investors.

And if all the above is not good enough, investors can choose to buy extra protection for their funds in the form of an insurance. This doubles the protection on the PAMM account indexes. Actually you have a total of 13 indexes to choose, which are managed by the most successful traders in the industry, known all over the world and having under control tens of millions Dollars in investor's funds.

Some of the great names like, Veronica Tarasova, Andrew Kolos, and Paul Svantsev pop out when we talk about the best fund managers in the company. Andrew Polishevich emphasizes that the other managers have also shown very strong results impacting favorably on each Rating of PAMM Indexes.

Let us compare now in better detail how the PAMM indexes at Forex Broker Forex Trend have outperformed the main global stock indexes. For instance, the Dow Jones returned 30.16%, the S&P 29.67%, the Nikkei 54.67%, but the best PAMM index and the most aggressive one returned a whopping 98.87% as evidenced on the table below.

• PAMM index Platinum - 38.36%
• PAMM index Gold - 36.12%
• Index PAMM2. - 35.06%
• Premium Balanced -17.73%
• Premium Aggressive - 98.87%
• Million -37.24%
• Prize - 60.21%
• Premium Balanced 2 - 65.21%
• 2 million - 23.91%
• Premium Balanced 3 - 5.2%
• 2010 - 29.17%
• Premium conservative 2 - 10.9%
• Brilliant - 2.3%

This clearly shows that even the most profitable of the main stock indexes like the Nikkei, falls short of the PAMM Aggressive index. We should also mention that the low yields of some of the PAMM indexes is because they have just been introduced and have little time operating, but even these less popular indexes have shown very good results and have the potential to keep expanding their profits.

The experts of Masterforex-V World Academy have worked in the gathering of the information for this article along with the cooperation of the staff at Forex Broker Forex Trend. The Academy will keep you informed of any new developments in the investment arena.

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