The Optionova Staff Gives a Reality Check on How to Achieve Success in the Forex Market

With the advent of the Internet, most business models around the world have changed. This obviously includes the financial markets, which by the way have been one of the most influenced industries by the latest communication technologies.

With the advent of the Internet, most business models around the world have changed. This obviously includes the financial markets, which by the way have been one of the most influenced industries by the latest communication technologies. This great expansion of opportunities has brought a lot of wealth to individuals that never thought this could be possible. The staff at Binary Options Broker Optionova ( discussed the first steps that one should keep in mind before entering the financial markets. The experts at the Masterforex-V World Academy ( also collaborated with the information.

All financial markets have their own rules, advantages and disadvantages. As for the Forex market, this market has something very interesting which makes it one of the most attractive to trade in, and that is the leverage provided by most brokers. It used to be that the maximum leverage that brokers provided was 1:100, but then due to competition, brokers started providing 1:200 and even 1:500. Now some brokers are even providing a 1:1000 leverage to its clients. On top of this, everyday more and more brokers are coming into play. The number of brokers so far has been over 300 and their marketing campaigns are getting more creative.

We may say that Forex has created a revolution in the financial markets. At the beginning, many people and investors were skeptical about the Forex market and some even called it a Ponzi Scheme, but as time has passed by, more regulations and information about the market has been brought to existence. This is really good for the integrity of this market, because many believe that the weak are getting taken advantage of in this field. Having the right information is essential for your success as a trader, because if you do not choose the right broker you may end up with an unscrupulous company that may end up ripping you off.

Success in the Forex market comes in stages that you must be aware of as explained by the experts at the Binary Options Broker Optionova. When conditions are created where the broker only gains on commissions or fees, then the field should be leveled for the trader. In fairness it should be noted that such a civilized relationship can be voluntarily created and, because collaboration between the trader and the broker is possible. The broker must depend only on the commissions or fees that it charges to facilitate trading transactions in order to prevent and conflict of interest in case the broker trades against you. On top of this, the broker must have enough capital in reserve to be able to pay up the withdrawals requested by its clients on time, no matter how big the amount may be. Just think about the possibility of you raising your equity by trading to a million dollars, this could happen, and so you should have a broker that does pay your profits regardless of the amount.

With the high leverage that the Forex market offers, it is possible to achieve huge profits and a short amount of time. But be careful, because this can also work against you in case the market goes in the wrong direction. Let us take a look for instance at the following example: Let's say that you have 10 thousand Dollars in your account and you have been provided with a 1:1000 leverage. This means that you can open 100 standard lots in a pair like the EUR/USD. This pair has an average daily range of 100 to 150 pips; this means that you can very easily obtain 100 pips in one day from the EUR/USD. Now, if you have 100 standard lots on the EUR/USD and the pair moves 100 pips in your favor, then you will make a 100,000 Dollar profit. Amazing, right? Well, now check this out, if you take those 100 thousand dollars that you made and to the same trade and manage to get another 100 pips, then your equity will rise to one million Dollars, this is even more amazing. It may sound unreal, but this is very real and very probable when trading in the Forex market.

But we have also mentioned that this can work against you. Overleveraging yourself is not a good idea, even though there are people that do it. But this is not a good idea, because in case the market goes against you in the example above, then it only need to go ten pips in the wrong direction to wipe out your entire 10 thousand Dollars of initial deposit. Therefore, you must think about this very carefully before attempting this win all or lose it all strategy.

In most of the literature and material provided by the Binary Options Broker Optionova, the company emphasizes on the importance of keeping a realistic and responsible money management strategy when trading. Trading in the financial markets has to be taken as seriously as any other profession, otherwise you will fall prey of the more professional traders that see trading as a business.

The first step before starting trading is to decide with how much money are you willing to start. This is very important, because you cannot be trading with money you cannot afford to lose, otherwise you will be making mistakes in the very attempt to try to protect your capital. Psychology plays a huge rule in your success and your trading should be stress free if you want to make it big. After choosing the amount of capital that you are going to start with in trading, you must choose a reliable and professional broker.

Your trading station and the amount of practice that you put into your training will also make a great difference in your road to success, as explained by the Binary Options Broker Optionova. The skills that you acquire are very important and a lot of practice must be done before trying to open a Live trading account. Only after you have managed to prove yourself as a consistent trader on Demo and Live trading, is when you can consider yourself to be a professional trader. The journey is not an impossible one to accomplish, but a lot of work and discipline is required if you do want to make it to the top.

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