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The Optional Window Tint

Changes the shade of your window glass at the touch of a button!

Finally, here is a procedure that changes the shade/tint of windows to remove glare and it is as simple as abc. The Optional Window Tint would equip the windshields and windows of motor vehicles, and windows of houses, and office buildings as well as other structures with a variable tint system permitting users to tint windshields and windows instantly, at the touch of a button. The tint will be adjustable and could be reversed. The Optional Window Tint will allow consumers to immediately apply and instantly reverse the tint on their automobile windshields, and other windowed structures to achieve a level of tinted shade they desire in any circumstance. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating a very strong consumer interest in the Optional Window Tint.

The Patent Pending Optional Window Tint was invented by Al Kirkland, of East Orange, NJ, who said, "There are many advantages to having the Optional Window Tint, particularly in the realm of driving safety, accident prevention, skin protection, temperature control, and privacy. The Optional Window Tint will allow the driver to determine what level of tint they want—depending on motor vehicle laws, weather, and conditions."

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