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Marble lends a touch of class to your home decor. Finding the perfect stone can be quite easy with professional advice. Read on to know more.

A fireplace with a well designed mantel gives a room a classy look. And when it is made of marble, it sets it apart from the rest. Now the room gets a rich and pricey look. Marble Fireplace Mantels are the owner's pride and will be the neighbor's envy. An old established CNC shop will have all the requisite knowledge, products and expertise to install one for you.

Modern Abrasive Water Jet Cutting technique ensures that the marble has neat surfaces and perfect shape. From the simplest to the most ornate cutting is possible with this method to suit individual tastes. The finest of trellis work, floral designs and modernistic patterns can be created with stone. When you have marble flooring, considering the price you have paid, it is worthy of special attention. Diamond Pads for Floor ensures that your floor glistens and shows off its pattern to its best. Once polished with the pads it lasts forever.

When you are done with the home, you may want your garden to have a lovely old world charm. Your garden is the first thing that visitors will notice and a Stone Gazebo will create an image of class and status. Installing an exquisitely cut marble gazebo is a way to give your garden an enchanting look that pleases the eye.

About Company: P.B. Marble Services Co. is a well established firm concern providing the best of marble and stone products since 1975. They cater to all the stone product requirements of major businesses, corporations as well as private residences. Their products range from artistic arches, door frames, fireplaces, mantels, bathtubs and gazebos to simple kitchen platforms all made of marble or granite.

The use of CNC and abrasive water jet technology for cutting the stone to ensure that their products have a fine and smooth finish. The end product becomes your pride due to its artistic and rich appearance. The company also undertakes re-polishing, preservation and restoration of items made of marble, limestone, terrazzo, granite, travertine, terracotta, etc. P.B. Marble Services also specializes in BMW accessories for motorbikes like city lids. They have an exclusivity that is in great demand from bikers.

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You can also call at 818-783-3588 or send a fax at 818-584-8937. For International toll-free calls please dial 800-788-8478.

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