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The Non-Cumbersome Oval Coat

The Non-Cumbersome Oval Coat keeps children warm, toasty, and dry while also allowing them freedom of movement

Parents want to protect their children when they are outside in cold weather. They may "bundle them up" to the extent that the children resemble a mummies and are not able to move freely. Children need to be protected from the elements, but they also need to be able to run and play. The Oval Coast, an all weather outerwear garment, has extended length as well as a distinctively rounded base for free movement. It is a non-cumbersome yet effective way for children to remain warm, toasty, and dry while outdoors and still be able to play.

Offered in sizes appropriate for children ranging from infant to fourteen years old, the Oval Coat is fabricated of durable, waterproof, high quality materials. The collar has a convenient zipper that serves as an attachment point for an included hood. Buttons allow for adjustment of the removable hood when it is in use. On the front of the coat, near the waist area is a rectangular open pocket for keeping hands warm. A matching pocket is cleverly placed on the interior side, directly opposite the exterior pocket. A series of vertical buttons extend from the collar to the chest area of the unit. What is exceptional about the Oval Coat is its longer tail, sleekly curved in the oval shape, which gives children freedom of movement. Simple in design, yet extremely effective in application, the oval coast is worn just as one would a standard coat, jacket, or poncho, and can be layered with other outerwear if desired. An all-occasion garment with fashion appeal, the attractive Oval Coat can be made available in a variety of colors to appeal to children's individual tastes. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Oval Coat.

The Patent Pending Oval Coat was invented by Mike Trang of Rosemead, CA, who said, "Even though I conceived this idea for the Oval Coat with children in mind, this line could easily be expanded to accommodate adults as well. Anyone should appreciate the Oval Coat not only for its warmth and protection, but also for the freedom of movement it allows."

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