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The Nipple Hole Puncture

THE new Nipple Hole Puncture is a simple and reliable way to enlarge the hole in any bottle nipple thus easing the way to reliably expand the opening properly.

Trying to enlarge a hole in a baby bottle nipple can be a trying experience. If you use scissors or a knife, many times the hole is too large. Would you like a way to do this task in a simple and more reliable way? The Nipple Hole Puncture is the answer. It is a cleverly designed mechanism which precisely and neatly enlarges the nipple's opening and prevents you from making too large a hole in the nipple. The Nipple Hole Puncture easily expands the nipple's hole to the desired diameter, so that you can easily adjust the nipple to accommodate the growing needs of your child. A series of five, interchangeable hole punches are included with the Nipple Hole Puncture, ranging in size from 1 to 5. Also, with the Nipple Hole Puncture you do not have to buy multiple nipples with different size dispenser holes; therefore, you will save money. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Nipple Hole Puncture.

The Patent Pending Nipple Hole Puncture was invented by Andrea Mosley of Hickory Hills, IL, who said, "The Nipple Hole Puncture is very easy to use. You simply choose the size hole punch you want. Then you install it in the upper chamber of the Nipple Hole Puncture. After that, you insert the nipple in the nipple receptacle so that it faces downwards. You close the covering and grasp the unit, pressing the trigger. This forces the hole punch through the end of the nipple and enlarges the hole. You then remove the nipple and it is ready for use with formula, juice or liquid foods for your child."

The inventor added,"The Nipple Hole Puncture is made of durable metal material and has storage for the five hole punches within the unit. It measures only approximately seven to eight inches, so it does not need much storage space."

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