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The New Tire Bump

The New Tire Bump allows the user to always perfectly park car in even the darkest garage.

When pulling into your garage, it is quite easy to hit items allong the side of the garage, damaging them and the car? Imagine having a way to perfectly park every time entering a garage? That particular method or system is now avaialable and works perfectly using the New Tire Bump. The Tire Bump is a specially configured, automobile guiding system that is designed for use in a garage, as well as for street parking when necessary.

The Tire Bump guides cars into a perfect parking position every time, without worrying about damaging the vehicle or surrounding objects. You aim the front of your vehicle toward the waiting Tire Bumps and when the tires slide onto the ramps, the Tire Bump forces the vehicle to come to a complete stop, perfectly centered and in exactly the chosen safe position. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Tire Bump.

The Patent Pending Tire Bump was invented by William and Christine Simonelli of Jackson, NJ, who said, "The Tire Bump is a line of molded floor guides, specially designed to accommodate a vehicle's tires. It facilitates perfect positioning of the front tires of a car, so that the vehicle is perfectly and safely parked in the same spot every time. Each Tire Bump is fabricated of a durable combination of plastic and rubber materials and has a clever rectangular shape augmented with an angled ramp to accommodate a tire. Extending from the top of the Tire Bump in a downward trajectory, the angled slope ranges between fifteen and thirty (15-30) degrees. To ensure security, the base of the unit features rubberized footing nodules to prevent slippage. Also, the plastic top section of each Tire Bump is sheathed in a fluorescent color so it can be easily seen even in the darkest of garages."

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