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The New Sink Support Is Durable And Reliable

The new Sink Support is durable and reliable and offers long-lasting secure support for sinks.

Attention carpenters, plumbers, Do-It-Yourselfers! Finally there is a better way to reinforce your kitchen sink. It is called Sink Support and is a metal based bracing system that is designed for reinforcing kitchen sinks. It will provide a more durable, dependable alternative to a wood based bracing that is currently used. It would offer an easily installed yet much sturdier platform for ensuring sinks have proper support when remodeling or during construction.

The Sink Support is designed to accommodate virtually any kitchen sink configuration, whether it is built over cabinets, or just a basic counter top model. To install the product, just position it inside the
sink cabinets, or under the counter top. Place the sink on top of the rail, and determine if the height needs to be adjusted. Screw The Sink Support into the wall or cabinet, and it will be secured and sturdy.Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Sink Support.

The Patent Pending Sink Support was invented by Artur Tutka, of Des Plaines, IL, who said, "This product will provide a more durable alternative for ensuring kitchen sinks are properly supported
following installation. Being metal, it would be far more reliable than the wood based beams most commonly used. Moisture will never be a problem either and best of all, it works!"

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