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The New Money Saving Onezie Xtender

The Money Saving Onezie Xtender expands the size of onesie garments to fit growing infants.

Many parents of infants say that their child seems to grow daily. Some parents may even waste money on clothes that the child never gets to wear because he or she has already outgrown them. There is a new product that expands the size of onesie garments so that the child can get more wear out of clothing. The OneZie Xtender, a two-piece, stretchable fabric panel, is designed to be easily secured to either end of the snap crotch panel of onesie garments. It extends the length of the crotch panel and increase the size of the garment, providing a practical tool which accommodates the ever-changing needs of the growing child. The OneZie Xtender is a simple way to get the most out of a child's clothing, eliminating unnecessary waste and saving money on expensive replacement garments. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the OneZie Xtender.

The Patent Pending OneZie Xtender was invented by Nathan Tran of Eastvale, CA, who said, "Double stitched and reinforced, the OneZie Xtender is manufactured of a cushiony soft and stretchable fabric, such as cotton, polyester or blend fabrics. Two fabric panels are used together to extend the length of the onesie's crotch panel. The outer, longer end of each panel has a set of three button snap fasteners. One set has male fittings and the second set has female fittings. One simply attaches the end pieces of the OneZie Xtender to the corresponding snaps located on the crotch flaps of the garment. Positioned on the shorter end of the fabric panel is a set of heavy duty, self-affixing Velcro® fasteners. These fasteners secure the two applied fabric panels together between the child's legs."

The inventor added, "The OneZie Xtender extends wear of a onesie garment by enabling one to expand its size to comfortably fit a child as he or she grows. It is a simple way to get the most out of a child's clothing eliminating waste and saving money."

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