The New Look of Awesome Enterprises LLC

After nine years of success and growth, Awesome Enterprises has updated their brand of appliance repair in Dallas.

Awesome Enterprises LLC have been retooling their image with an updated brand and style. The company is making major changes across the board to achieve a fresh new look this month. Changes range from a new company logo to a brand new website; all in the interest of staying competitive in the appliance repair market in Dallas.

Awesome Enterprises LLC was founded in 2005 by entrepreneur Cynthia Coburn and specializes in servicing and repairing major appliances throughout Dallas and Kaufman counties. The company has a solid track record and reputation for high quality service in this local market. Awesome Enterprises recently expanded their service to include the sale of "gently used appliances" and other merchandise; their inventory is displayed on their new website for consumers to browse online.

As a precursor to their up and coming 10th anniversary, Awesome Enterprises has undergone a brand make over from the ground up. Sources from the company tell us that the changes "were long overdue, we wanted to start the next decade of service with a bang." The aesthetic changes to the logo and website include easier onsite navigation, new product galleries for merchandise and an eye catching new design. The company credits the internet marketing firm, SEOMaids for creating their new look.

Other changes that are on the agenda are diversified online ventures, possibly in Coburn's interest in real estate investment and wholesaling. The new online company blog intends to inform consumers about these new ventures as they are developed and unveiled to the public.

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