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The New Handi Shave

Allows user to shave head with ease and without having to worry about cutting or nicking a sensitive area.

The Handi Shave is a razor assembly specially designed for shaving the head. Shaving the head and neck area is a arduous, time consuming task. It is very easy to cut or nick these very sensitive areas. The Handi Shave would be a razor and cartridge assembly that is configured to fit into the palm of the hand, allowing the user to smoothly and efficiently rub the hand over the surface of the head as they shave.

To use the Handi Shave you would lather the entire head. Then insert the fingers into the Handi Shave niche, and position the shaver in the palm so that the body of the unit rests in the area where the bottom of the fingers meet the top of the palm. Flexing the hand in a slight cupping position, the user can hold the shaver against the palm and fingers. The user then need only place the palmed instrument against the surface of the head, and glide the hand up, over, and around to swiftly and smoothly remove the hair. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Handi Shave.

The Patent Pending Handi Shave was invented by James and Cristina Harmon, of Yonkers, NY, who said, "Your head is a very sensitive area to shave, and it is very easy to have an accident. My Handi Shave makes holding the razor much easier, and less chance for an accident."

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