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The New Freedom Buds

The Freedom Buds, also called Earbuds, enhances one's listening pleasure without the hassles associated with unwieldy cords.

Listening to music, audio books or podcast when exercising, walking, cleaning, or doing other activities can result in dangling cords which may become tangled in clothing or exercise equipment or other objects. Traditional corded headphones can become easily damaged, frayed or even ruined from water exposure and need to be replaced. The Freedom Buds eliminates these problems. The Freedom Buds is a set of wireless headphones ("earbuds") for use with existing MP3 players, cellular smart-phones, video game consoles for online playing, and similar personal electronic devices. They provide a more user friendly way to listen to music or engage in phone conversations, without becoming tangled in cords, risking damage to these units in the process. The Freedom Buds are wirelessly synced to the user's MP3, smart-phone, iPad or other electronic device via Bluetooth or comparable technology. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Freedom Buds.

The Patent Pending Freedom Buds was invented by Earlyn Ethridge of Far Rockaway, NY, who said, "Similar in general appearance to a set earbuds with ear hooks, the Freedom Buds are offered in a variety of colors and printed designs. Further, these clips and attached earbuds can be offered in customizable designs and sizes via the Freedom Buds website, enabling users to create their own, unique set of Freedom Buds to showcase their own interests or personal styles. Operating on rechargeable battery power or comparable power source, these earbuds function as traditional earbuds, with volume to the earbuds controlled by existing operational controls included with the MP3 player or other electronic device. A small microphone is also included for use with a cellular smart-phone."

The inventor added, "A sensible, waterproof alternative to traditional corded headphones that can become easily damaged, frayed or even compromised due to exposure to rain, snow or water, the Freedom Buds spare the user the expense of replacing costly earbuds that have become irrevocably ruined because of haphazard storage or outdoor use. Also, because the Freedom Buds use wireless technology, users can easily switch between electronic devices, without requiring them to attach cords to different devices."

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