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The New Extra Protective Sleeve

The Extra Protective Sleeve is made for males and is an easy solution for incontinence and similar problems

For males who suffer from incontinence, there can be not only the embarrassment of dripping, but also the cost of clothing replacement and dry cleaning costs. These problems can be solved with the Extra Protective Sleeve. The Extra Protective Sleeve is a line of specially designed, disposable sheathes made expressly for men. This product provides males who suffer from incontinence, have had their prostate removed, or face similar medical conditions, with a comfortable, effective way to prevent uncontrolled dripping through clothing - eliminating embarrassment, clothing replacement, and dry cleaning costs. Not only for household consumers, doctors and hospitals may also embrace the Extra Protective Sleeve as a helpful tool to recommend to patients and to use in patient care. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Extra Protective Sleeve.

The Patent Pending Extra Protective Sleeve was invented by William Davis and Patricia Davis of Hampton, VA who said, "Fabricated of moisture-proof, disposable paper materials, the Extra Protective Sleeve is similar in appearance to a condom. It features an interior and exterior contour to comfortably fit male genitalia. Additionally, the distal tip's interior is comprised of a cushiony padding that is both comfortable and effectively absorbent. To facilitate attachment of the Extra Protective Sleeve to the person, individual units feature a cut-out for girth adjustment as well as contain a circular adhesive strip at the open end of the unit to be secured about the unit. Extremely easy and quick to use, these soft, absorbent sheathes fit securely, allowing men to go about their daily routines with confidence."

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