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The New and Adaptible Adjustable Fence

The new Adjustable Fence provides various fence height levels depending upon user choices during day time yet is able to provide a high level of visual privacy at night if desired.

The Adjustable Fence is a sectional privacy fence that can be easily raised or lowered in height according to the circumstances and desire of the owner. This fence closely resembles other high-quality vinyl or vinyl-clad galvanized privacy fencing. But—unlike other fencing—the Adjustable Fence design permits the height of the fence to be raised and extended from a fixed height of six feet to a maximum height of eight to ten feet.

At full height, the Adjustable Fence ensures a homeowner's privacy and, when a lower level of privacy and a wider view is desired, the Adjustable Fence can be quickly and easily lowered to achieve this effect. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Adjustable Fence.

The Patent Pending Adjustable Fence was invented by Clive Hinds of Bethlehem, PA, who said, "The adaptability of the Adjustable Fence is ideal for those who wish to enjoy a more expansive view of their surroundings during the day, yet desire a high level of visual privacy at night. Also, the height adjustable design of the Adjustable Fence should appeal strongly to households with balconies, decks and patios as well as swimming pools or spas. It provides precisely what is needed for security and privacy."

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