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The Nathan Nephew Show - Talk Show of the Year

The freedom oriented talk show, The Nathan Nephew Show was recently named Red State Talk Radio 2013 Show of the Year! The show is available on Red State Talk Radio and it's website

Nathan Nephew, co-host of At Odds, a political talk show available at, has ventured off on a solo journey through the political jungle with the self-titled talk show, The Nathan Nephew Show.

Nathan Nephew started his quest to help get the United States back on the right track when he learned that openly carrying a firearm was legal in Michigan. This triggered a desire to find like-minded people who felt it was important to exercise their rights in order to keep them. Nathan co-founded Michigan Open Carry, Inc., a non-profit organization focused on raising awareness of the legality of openly carried firearms.

It wasn't long before Nathan and his co-host on At Odds, Brian, decided to fill a void and wrote a pro-gun children's book called My Parent's Open Carry. Their book is available at

The Nathan Nephew Show was started with the hope of reaching a wider audience interested in a no holds barred conversation about today's political landscape. The show is broadcast on Red State Talk Radio where it has had the highest average listener count nearly every month since the show started earlier this year. In fact, The Nathan Nephew Show was named the Red State Talk Radio 2013 Show of the Year.

Nathan plans to continue spreading the idea of small government in 2014 and beyond by pointing out the seemingly obvious examples of how big government is failing in this country and providing common sense alternatives that preserve individual liberty.

You can find The Nathan Nephew Show at

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