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The Mysteries of England's History Revealed at Seven Spots

Planning our holidays to come, we often like to rely on a comprehensive source that could guide our way through the historical meanders of the country of our choice.

Anyone interested in exploring the wonders of the English history will be delighted to know that now there's a tool that can considerably facilitate any trip research into the history of England. Seven Spots is a brand new online resource that we believe will soon become the ultimate source of information for all history geeks, as well as regular tourists who regard history as a key to understanding the present of a country.

What is particularly interesting is the versatile character of Seven Spots as it can assist us practically at any stage of our journey. Navigating through its clear and pleasant layout is a piece of cake, and so if finding what we're looking for - all historical monuments and heritage sites are divided by location. For every British region, county and city, Seven Spots will generate a comprehensive list of all the historical attractions worth visiting. This could be a real time-saver when we're planning our trip as Seven Spots allows us to concentrate on the parts of England that feature the most attractions we're interested in.

What's more is that all attractions are additionally categorized by type, such as cottage, church, tower, bridge or farmhouse. If we happen to be dying enthusiasts of historical cottages, Seven Spots will guide us to places that feature most of this type of attraction like the region of South East England that boasts as many as 539 great cottages. This feature will surely be appreciated by the pickiest of historical geeks, who often prefer to walk off the beaten track when it comes to touristic explorations. It's worth to note that all the attractions featured at the database of Seven Spots are in accordance with the resources of the English Heritage. That way we can fell ensured that all historical monuments and heritage sites listed on the website are officially recognized for their historical value and are nothing like artificial reconstructions or pseudo historical attractions like the London Dungeon.

A different, but equally practical feature is the search by location option - Seven Spots will automatically detect our location and on that basis formulate a comprehensive list of the best historical attraction located in our vicinity. This functionality offers an opportunity for discovering historical spots that aren't featured in your regular tourist guides. Who knows, maybe we'll discover a hidden historical gem?

Whether we prefer to concentrate on the most prominent historical attractions of England, or we'd rather explore the secrets of British history in obscure but equally captivating heritage sites, Seven Spots will provide a great assistance in making our trip a historical dream come true.

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