This holder securely displays Muni-Meter Tickets and can save costly parking violations.

For those who dread a visit to the court to pay a parking ticket, this new product is a great solution to ending those trips. The Muni-Meter Ticket Holder is a dedicated, transparent plastic holder designed specifically for the secure display of Muni-Meter parking receipts on one's dashboard or windshield, as is required of motorists using the Muni-Meter parking system in New York City. This new product is comprised of a transparent sleeve that is fastened to the inside of the vehicle's dashboard or windshield via VELCRO® tabs or a set of suction cups.

It is easy to use. The motorist will insert his or her Muni-Meter Ticket into the Holder, where it is prominently displayed as required by law without a risk being accidentally dislodged. Televised test marketing recently completed indicates strong consumer interest in the Muni-Meter Ticket Holder.

The Patent Pending Muni-Meter Ticket Holder was invented by Dawn Morea of Howard Beach, NY, who said, "Quite often, the act of closing the vehicle's door will unknowingly cause the Muni-Meter ticket on the dashboard to fly off somewhere inconspicuous, causing drivers to be cited for a parking violation. This simple design will save many urban motorists this all too common frustration."

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