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The Money Saving Razor Savor

The money saving Razor Savor extends the life of a razor therefore saving one money spent on personal grooming costs.

We all want to save money, especially in today's economy! The Razor Saver can do just that. It is a portable receptacle filled with a special solution that prevents rust from accumulating on metal, coats a razor blade with the solution, and thereby extends the life of the razor blade, saving the user money.

The Razor Saver's base reservoir is filled with the lubricating, rust resistant solution and a razor is slid, head first, into the device so that the head of the razor rests within the solution reservoir and the angled handle rests against the interior side wall of the unit. The lid is closed, inserting the handle through the circular opening. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Razor Saver.

The Patent Pending Razor Saver was invented by Simone and Aldo Galeana of Virginia Beach, VA, who said, "Manufactured of heavy duty plastic material, the rectangular Razor Saver is a durable, yet lightweight container. The base of the unit features an integrated receptacle inside of which the head of the razor rests. Encompassing the top of the unit is a hinged, snap-fitted lid that can be easily accessed for filling the device with the designated lubricating solution. Incorporated into the design of the unit lid is a circular niche, designed to accommodate the handle of the razor blade. This opening is lined with a leak proof, foam rubber material that abuts flush against the razor handle and thus prevents the solution from leaking. The Razor Saver can come with a sample bottle of the special solution, with solution reorders available in various sizes. The Razor Saver solution can also be available in a number of fragrances."

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