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The Mom Approved Book for 2012

Young adult books geared to teens have become extremely popular in recent years. But what about the mid-graders? They need books, too.

Mothers and Liberians agree there is a need for more books geared toward the middle grade readers of ages ten and up. Over the past few years young adult books have become extremely popular. More writers are gearing their books to this popular crowd. But what about the mid-grade readers?

Mitchell Morris Publishing published The Wicked Passage by N.M. Singel--edited by Laurie Rosin, editor of twenty-eight New York Times Best Sellers, including forty-nine National Best Selling novels. The Wicked Passage is MMP's first YA Fantasy Adventure targeting the ten and older age group. The story is packed with suspense, fantastic creatures, and innumerable surprises cleverly woven through actual historical events. Mothers and librarians queried across the country cheer that The Wicked Passage bridges the gap between fantasy and education for their young readers.

The author, N.M Singel is a Rhodes Scholar nominee and an honors graduate of the theater program at Purdue University. She studied Shakespeare and English literature at the University of Warwick in Coventry, England and was the recipient of the Irene Ryan acting scholarship for her performance at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. She has written two plays and several short stories. The Wicked Passage is her first novel.

The Wicked Passage is the exploit of thirteen-year-old Blake Wyatt and his quest to rescue Christopher Columbus. The mutiny is real, and the famous admiral is about to be murdered-- Dagonblud's latest victim in his quest to erase the world's history by stealing its past so he can control the future. It is up to Blake, the youngest in his family of sapphire travelers, to master his incredible new powers so he can sneak through time, find, and destroy the Tolucan leader. But Dagonblud has other plans. The only thing that is certain is that Blake's life, and the world around him will never be the same.

Mitchell-Morris, an imprint of Celeris Publishing Group, Inc., will be focused on more books geared towards mid-grade readers in an attempt to fill the gap and help give the younger reading group entertaining and educational books.

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