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The Missing Link for Women's Belts

The Missing Link for Women's Belts prevents extra long belts from dangling and gives a sleek, gorgeous look.

Women, many dress designs have only two side loops for a belt, leaving the excess of the belt dangling. Usually this results in one constantly scraping or rubbing the arm against the hanging belt or having to tuck the tongue into the fitted belt.

A unique product invention, The Missing Link, ensures that the belt is neatly managed. It serves as an instant belt loop that secures the excess strap against the belt, giving the wearer a sleek, gorgeous appearance. Also, more than one Missing Link can be used with any belt, so that even extra long belts are neat and secure.

The Missing Link, a line of interchangeable and detachable fashionable loops, are designed to be used with the matching belts that accessorize women's attire. The line gives women a simple, yet attractive, way to support the excess tongue of a belt. This results in a more comfortable, neater appearance. Each Missing Link unit is a continuous square shaped band fabricated of a durable elastic material. The elastic is covered with an additional layer of elastic or Lycra. Available in small, medium, and large sizes, The Missing Link accommodates virtually any belt width. The Missing Link is also offered in a variety of colors to match any chosen belt/dress combination-vibrant or neutral colors, printed or patterned designs. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Missing Link.

Patent Pending, The Missing Link was invented by Patti and Ken Adams of Forest Hills, NY, who said, "The Missing Link can also be used with banded wristwatches. They will neatly secure the excess strap, if the band is a bit large for the wrist or if the loop is missing off of the watchband."

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