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The Math Video Challenge - A New Take on Math, Technology and Teaching from MATHCOUNTS.

The MATHCOUNTS Foundation, creator of the nation's most prestigious math competition, addresses the need to keep students enthusiastic about math head-on with the nationwide Math Video Challenge at mathvideochallenge.org/2014.

For many teachers, keeping students enthusiastic about math is a continual challenge. Yet more than ever, our technology-driven environment demands math skills. The MATHCOUNTS Foundation, creator of the nation's most prestigious math competition, addresses this problem head-on with the nationwide Math Video Challenge at mathvideochallenge.org/2014.

Now in its third year, the challenge is a unique project-based activity that embraces technology and creativity, and helps teachers to address the questions some students may ask about math such as "When will I ever use this?" and "Why are we learning this?"

To make it even easier to participate in this year's Math Video Challenge, MATHCOUNTS has produced a Quick Start Guide. This guide helps teachers, parents and students get started right away with the Math Video Challenge, and makes scripting, filming and editing their videos easier than ever. Inside the guide are step-by-step instructions on how to participate, as well as lesson planning material that will help student teams turn math problems into works of art!

The Math Video Challenge makes math concepts more accessible to students through fun, real life examples. As one participant explained, the Math Video Challenge "enabled me to think of creative ways to solve hard problems. In addition it allowed me to see some real life applications. Now when I get stuck on hard math problems, I think of them differently and how I can relate it to real life." Students are able to see math through a different lens when they're challenged to think outside of the box.

Not only are students motivated by a chance to break out of their usual classroom view of math, there are also some amazing prizes including a trip to Orlando for the four final teams, and college scholarships for the winning team, as well as weekly drawings for additional prizes such as gift cards.

Many students struggle with math, but often what they're really missing is excitement and motivation. The Math Video Challenge was designed with this in mind - it's a unique tool for teachers or parents to get their kids participating and connecting with math. The Math Video
Challenge "brought creativity and real-life problems to the classroom," said one advisor. Another said the competition "brought math to life" for their students.

Each team needs an advisor, and it's never been easier to compete with the new Quick Start Guide, so register at mathvideochallenge.org/register and get your copy today to start putting math into "action!"


About MATHCOUNTS Foundation

The MATHCOUNTS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that strives to engage middle school students of all ability and interest levels in fun, challenging math programs, in order to expand their academic and professional opportunities. Middle school students exist at a critical juncture in which their love for mathematics must be nurtured, or their fear of mathematics must be overcome. MATHCOUNTS provides students with the kinds of experiences that foster growth and transcend fear to lay a foundation for future success.

For more than 30 years MATHCOUNTS has provided enriching, extracurricular opportunities to students and free, high-quality resources to educators. Every child is unique, but MATHCOUNTS believes all children are capable of seeing the beauty and joy of math, whether they are already passionate about math, or intimidated by it.

There are many paths to math. MATHCOUNTS works to ensure that all students discover theirs.

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