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The Massaging Paw Pal

The Massaging Paw Pal not only grooms and brushes a pet's fur, but also massages.

Many pet owners groom their own pets, brushing their pet's fur until it is healthy and shiny. Now there is a product that not only allows pet owners to groom their pets, but to also massage them at the same time. The Paw Pal is a specially designed, electric vibrating pet brush that gives soothing massage therapy when brushing the animal's coat. Gently soothing stiff sore muscles and aching bones, the Pet Pal may prove particularly beneficial for older animals, as well as for those who suffer arthritis and similar maladies. Not only for home use, the Pet Pal is a valuable tool for professional pet groomers, veterinarians, and similar caregivers.

Similar in appearance to a standard pet brush, the Paw Pal's body has a shatterproof plastic or metal water resistant casing. Even though the unit should not be fully submerged in water, the water resistant casing does allow users to easily rinse the brush clean. The surface of the handle is coated in nonskid rubber, for a firm and comfortable grip. The Paw Pal has a removable charging cord and a paw-shaped adapter plug. The user can use the Paw Pal connected to a power source or the wireless battery power. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Paw-Pal.

The Patent Pending Paw Pal was invented by Serdar Tayhan, an animal lover, of Wyncote, PA, who said, "The brush head is configured in the shape of an animal paw. The bristles of the brush are configured to represent the paw pads, with a set of wooden massaging bristles encompassing the base of the brush head and four rounded sets of bristles positioned at the top of the unit. The paw shaped brush head's top portion, or four paw pad brush heads, has wire bristles, which, for optimal comfort, feature rounded heads that gently massage the animal's body during use. These bristles are internally wired to a motorized, vibrating massage unit housed in the base of the brush. The Pet Pal effortlessly combs through fur, resulting in a shiny, healthy coat and eliminating the pain and discomfort associated with combing through thick fur."

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