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The Majority Of British People Would Not Say No To A Breast Cancer Vaccine

mingle-Trend presents the results of a representative survey about a new vaccine against breast cancer

A vaccine to protect against breast cancer will soon be trialled but only on women from the age of 40 as this is the age when the risk of breast cancer severely increases.

When asked if they would use the vaccine, 21% said yes and a further 40% said possibly. Of those surveyed, less than a fifth of people in the 40-49 age group expressed high interest compared to almost a quarter in both the younger and elder generations.

24% of those surveyed with children said that they would want to be protected with a further 43% saying possibly. In contrast only 17% of those surveyed without children expressed a high level of interest with 29% definitely not being interested.

Interestingly 25% of men would definitely say yes to the vaccine compared to only 17% of women.

The level of interest across the demography suggests that the breast cancer vaccine should be made available to a wider range of age groups as well as men.

Results and graphs can be found under the following link:

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