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The Mag Clip Is A Precise Fastener

The new Mag Clip provides ready access to a cell phone.

Today almost everyone has a cell phone. If lost or damaged, our cell phones can be very costly to replace. One way to lessen this occurrence is with the Mag Clip. The Mag Clip is a set of magnetic fasteners configured to be easily adhered to a cellular telephone. It provides a simple way to adhere a cell phone to the person, or virtually any metal surface.

The Mag Clip not only provides ready access to your cellular equipment but also prevents your phone from becoming accidentally dropped during use. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Mag Clip.

The Patent Pending Mag Clip was invented by Jose Gomez of Anaheim, CA, who said, "The first fastener is comprised of a two piece belt clip which resembles in looks to a money clip. This belt clip has a snap fitted base support plate designed to be easily adhered to the back of a cellular phone and on which a sturdy belt clip fastener is either vertically or horizontally attached. A threaded screw secures the belt clip to the actual base plate, with the actual clip mechanism a heavy duty unit that can be securely fastened to a variety of objects such as a waist band, shirt pocket, belt and the like. Importantly, positioned side by side on the exterior of the clip fastener are two, heavy duty magnets designed to adhere to virtually any metal surface including a belt buckle or vehicle seat belt. The second fastener is a simple, snap fitted plate designed to encompass the back of the phone completely."

The inventor added, "As with the clip version of the Mag Clip, this fastener features two, heavy duty magnets for attaching a cell phone to virtually any metal surface (refrigerator door, filing cabinet, vehicle dash board).It works perfectly."

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