The Loyalty Bonus Program at Forex Trend Is Like No Other Incentive Program.

The Masterforex-V Expo has been the best place to determine which brokers deserve the most attention by traders and investors. At this expo, Forex Broker Forex Trend has been recognized as the best Forex broker in 2013.

The Masterforex-V Expo has been the best place to determine which brokers deserve the most attention by traders and investors. At this expo, Forex Broker Forex Trend has been recognized as the best Forex broker in 2013. This recognition has not come easy and the company has had to work very hard in order to get such an award. One of the key features that has allowed Forex Broker Forex Trend to get to this level is the fact that with the company, traders of all types have great opportunities to become profitable.

The broker has implemented different discounts and rebates for its clients, that have worked really well, but the most important program at the moment gaining the most popularity is the Loyalty Bonus Program. One of the things that make this program different from other programs from other brokerages is that you may withdraw the money from the bonuses any time you want. In general, profits generated by traders are far much higher than the interest received from traditional saving accounts or other antiquated bank investment vehicles.

The Loyalty Bonus Program is helping traders get some extra funds for their trading accounts and helping them increase their trading volumes. The company offers opportunities to all types of traders, according to the representatives of Forex Broker Forex Trend. The business plan that the company uses, professional and beginning traders to benefit. Also, if you don't want to trade directly, you can leave the job for the professional account managers at the PAMM account indexes. There is also an Investment Advisor project that helps take the load of trading off your back.

The main purpose of the Loyalty Bonus Program by Forex Broker Forex Trend is to put money back into the traders' accounts, to help them benefit from the markets with little trading knowledge, and to minimized the risks of losing. Now every investor can capture solid profits with virtually low risks that obviously exceed the returns of traditional investments. Even those funds that are not used for trading also generate interest just by sitting in the trading account. Usually this interest is much higher than the interest paid on saving accounts by traditional commercial banks.

The advantages that the Loyalty Bonus Program provides are for instance, an additional income of about 6 to 12 percent. Also, your funds are guaranteed safe and steady growth by allowing the best account managers at Forex Broker Forex Trend trade for you through the PAMM accounts and its indexes. You can also rest assure that your funds are fully protected with the company.
Those of you, who decide to enter the program and deposit a minimum of five thousand Dollars for a period of six to 12 months, will get an additional bonus that goes between six to 12 percent. And the most amazing thing about all this is that you can leave your money intact at your account with Forex Broker Forex Trend and don't need to trade in order to receive bonuses from the company.
And traders continue to enjoy the benefits of having their accounts traded for them, whose returns have been around 10 to 15 percent each month. This is explained by the fact that their funds are managed by the top traders of the Forex Broker Forex Trend. These traders have demonstrated a high level of profitability. In addition, many of the investments are included in the PAMM indexes, which further increase the rate of returns and at the same time offers some extra protection and diversification for your portfolio.

We can compare other stock indexes like the Nasdaq, the Dow Jones, or the S&P 500 to the PAMM indexes at Forex Broker Forex Trend and clearly see a huge difference in profits and returns, even after record earnings on all the stock indexes for last year. Just take a look at the numbers and let them speak for themselves, the Premium Aggressive index has gained 98.87%, the Balanced Premium 2 Index has made 65.21%, the Prize index 60.21%, the Platinum PAMM index 38.36%, and many more impressive results can be found in the Rating of PAMM Indexes.

Speaking about the PAMM indexes rating, the Loyalty Bonus Program also offers a great rating to help you decide which account manager to choose to trade your account or to invest with. In the ranking there are some very famous are recognized traders around the world, not only in Eastern Europe. For instance, Veronica Tarasova is one of the best traders that the program has. She has been awarded with many prestigious prizes and honors at different trading events and competitions worldwide. Along with Veronica, we can also mention Paul Svantsev and include more than twenty more managers to the list of highly profitable traders.

You can always reinvest your earnings with the Loyalty Bonus Program to create a compound interest effect that will blow your profits out of proportion if it is done diligently and professionally. The advantage is that the resulting profit can be withdrawn entirely in any convenient way for you. To become a participant of the Loyalty Bonus all you need to do is fill out the registration on the website of Forex Broker Forex Trend and fund your account with at least 5000 dollars.

The experts at the Masterforex-V World Academy worked hand in hand with the representatives of Forex Broker Forex Trend to bring to your fingertips the complete information of the Loyalty Bonus Program and show you how it is different and more advantageous for you.

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