The "Love Guru" Is Engaged, Proves Her Own Advice Works!

The Love Guru (sensation behind attracted her "One" and gets engaged!

The Love Guru (from internet sensation featured in The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, The Montel Williams Show, and Glamour Magazine is getting married!

In June 2004, Blaire was fed up and frustrated with her love life. She had successfully helped singles find their "One" but couldn't help herself. One day, she had the idea to put up the website, so that friends and family could help her in the search for a husband. It was a few weeks before her 27th Birthday and she was ready to get married. The website said... "I'm Ready to Get Married - Do You Know My Husband?"®?"

Within just 5 weeks, Blaire's website ( with her search for a hubby received over 1 MILLION HITS WORLDWIDE and over 100,000 visitors. She was doing interviews with The New York Times, MSNBC, and having meetings with cable networks for a possible reality show. What started off as a fun (private) website and a way of being more proactive in her love life, turned into a magical journey. The Universe stepped in and taught her an easier, more natural way to find love which she now calls "The Spiritual Way To Attract The One."

Invite Blaire to teach the single women and men in your audience how to find their "One"in an easier, more natural way!

- No more online dating!
- Say goodbye to singles events
- Forget about painful, boring first dates with losers you're not attracted to!
- No more settling.
- Guess what? Dating is NOT a numbers game.
- How to make dating fun again... dating should be fun.
- How to attract your "One" - and it's not about playing games, going to the gym, getting a tan, or putting on more makeup!

How Blaire Met Her "One:"
Blaire prepared herself for love using the tools and techniques she now teaches. In 2008, Blaire was on vacation. One day, her intuition lead her to a hotel pool to hang out. As soon as she walked into the pool area, she was drawn to a man who happened to be visiting from England. He was on his last day of vacation. They chatted briefly and made plans to hang out that night. They had a good night and he promised to visit her in NYC within a few weeks. He kept his promise and came in to visit her (of course he stayed at a local hotel!). They hit it off. Dated for over a year and are now engaged to be married.

About Blaire Allison:
Blaire Allison is an Intuitive Heart Healer, known as the Love Guru. She has the gift to open and heal your heart so you can attract the love you desire. She teaches an easier, more natural, flowing way to attract love - what she calls The Spiritual Way To Attract "The One". Frequently interviewed in National and International Press. Blaire is engaged to her life partner and lives in South Florida. She is currently in graduate school for Marriage & Family Therapy. Visit for more information.


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