The Long Journey Home - An Angler's Memoir of Passion Realized and Redeemed

Headline: New Nonfiction Release Speaks to Importance of Nature and Fly Fishing in One Man's Search for True Self and Home; Book by Brian R. Ellig Summary: "The Long Journey Home: An Angler's Memoir of Passion Realized and Redeemed" is the

Highly introspective and at times brutally candid, author Brian Ellig, in a writing style reminiscent of "The Waltons", reveals his very soul in this poignant memoir chronicling his extraordinarily long and trying journey in search of 'true' self and home.

"The Long Journey Home: An Angler's Memoir of Passion Realized and Redeemed" is the story of a common man, who, through his extensive travels across America, came to realize (and then deeply appreciate) the joy and peace of mind that nature and the art of fly fishing brought to him in his decades-long struggle to both overcome his life's stresses and discover his true essence.

Ellig's love affair with fly fishing started in April 1992, on a quiet little trout stream by the name of Slippery Rock Creek. Ellig's friend and business associate, Keith Yenets, introduced him to the sport while he was on contract assignment at the Beaver Valley Power Station in Shippingport, Pennsylvania. The peace and solitude of fly fishing that April evening spoke to a part of him that had never been reached before, and would change his life forever.

As Ellig's work took him to New York, his love for the angle persisted. Through a brutal commute and the tragedy of September 11, 2001, his time on the water provided him tranquility and time for contemplation. It is during this time he thought at length about his career-ending knee injury that cut his basketball career tragically short, ending his long-time aspirations of playing professionally. This same injury later required him to undergo several more surgeries, the third of which was a total knee replacement. However, even an artificial knee couldn't keep him from his beloved fly fishing for more than several months. Eventually, he, along with his wife, Karol, and their little West Highland white terrier, Weston, would leave New York and make their way back to their native state of Wisconsin, where he continues to pursue fly fishing with even more passion today.

This down-to-earth and enlightening memoir is about much more than just Brian Ellig, though. It is also about a hard-working, loving, and talented but largely undiscovered father, who left this world a quarter of a century ago and way too soon, and a son who still misses him terribly and remains guilt-ridden for not having sufficiently expressed his deep appreciation to him all those years ago; and a hard-working and caring woman who became his wife nearly forty years ago, always putting him and their beloved dogs before herself, and who has been so beneficial, in so many ways, in their life together over the many years and miles.

Ellig's portrayal of the contemplative nature of fly fishing will leave the reader longing to have a fly rod in hand in the middle of a peaceful, meandering stream. Replete with introspective quotes by luminaries of both the fly fishing and political arenas, of yester-year and today; inspirational verse that will be sure to tug at one's very soul, whether a fly fisher or not; and an emotional account of four very special canine companions that, too, made the better part of "The Long Journey Home"; this thought provoking and sensitive memoir speaks to the human consciousness in so many ways, at so many levels. It will be sure to speak to yours as well.

This is the first book for author Brian Ellig, who recently retired from a 37-year career in procurement encompassing the construction and operational support of nuclear and fossil power-generation facilities across the country. He spent the last eighteen years of his career in and around New York City working for Consolidated Edison Company of New York's Indian Point Nuclear Generating Station and later in support of their massive power grid servicing the five boroughs and Westchester County. The avid fly fisherman collects vintage fly fishing books and split-cane fly rods and belongs to the American Museum of Fly Fishing, Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum, Trout Unlimited and River Wildlife. He is currently in the early stages of research for a second book, involving the serendipitous discovery of an endearing network of trout streams in the Black Hills of what was then known as the Dakota Territories - and the elite fraternity of personalities who once fly fished "The Black Hills Circuit".


(5 STARS) - Memories of fishing, a passion, a hobby and a life style. May 9, 2013
By Jason Stanhouse TOP 500 REVIEWER
Format: Paperback

Brian's writing style and outlook on life is refreshing. In a genre of books that normally reads as if you're being narrated to or talked down upon, his book stands out like a conversation with an old friend (presumably, one met fishing). I found his writing style to be as relaxing a read as his passion for fly fishing is relaxing to him, and the retelling of his life to be worth reading. The book, though not inspirational in the traditional sense, is a subtle reminder that our everyday passions and hobbies can get us through the best and worst times of our life, while adding enough to it to make the pursuit worthwhile.

Things you should know about this book before you buy it:

A) It is very well written
B) It Has an enjoyable story line and offers a few hidden gems of insight on how to survive
life's harder times.
C) His love for fishing pours out of this book. If you are an avid fisherman, as I am, this
memoir will speak to you.

Disclosure: I was given this book in return for an honest review.

Though memoirs are not my preferred read, I found this book to be very entertaining and greatly satisfying. Thank you, Brian, for sharing pieces of your amazing life with me. I recommend this book for those who enjoy stories about fishing, dogs, and life in general. I give this book 5 STARS.

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"The Long Journey Home"
Brian R. Ellig
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-1338-1 152 pages $12.95 US



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