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The Little Hookers Fulfill Easy Hanging From A Roof

The Little Hookers actually hide from sight yet hang your lights effortlessly on the house roof line .

The Little Hookers is a specially designed line of stainless steel hanging hooks to use when securing outdoor holiday lights. It is designed to provide consumers with an easy way to secure strands of holiday lights to the roof line of their homes. The Little Hookers would be available in four different versions to accommodate different types of roof lines. The first version would be the "Birdy" clip, designed for use on metal bird stops, commonly used on tile roofs. The second version would be referred to as the "Rakie", and is designed for use on rake edges found on tile roofing. The third version of The Little Hookers line would be the "Raine" clip, and as it's name implies, would be used expressly on rain gutters. The final version is call the "Nelie", and was developed to accommodate composition type roofing. This is the only version of The Little Hookers that would require installation hardware, with the unit featuring a single nail attachment that is mounted beneath the comp shingle via a 7/8 roofing nail.

The Little Hookers would be effortlessly installed along a home's roof line or gutter, and would boast a reliable, curved hook on which a single strand of lights could be gently, yet securely cradled. This would eliminate the need to bend, wrap or twist the lights to hold them in place. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Little Hookers.

The Patent Pending The Little Hookers was invented by Gilbert Acosta, Sr., and Gilbert Acosta, Jr., of La Puente, CA, who said, "this is a simple product to use, and speeds up the process of stringing holiday lights. The Little Hookers could be left in place year round, or removed and stored, however they come in different colors—white, brown, and charcoal—to match fascia boards, so will be almost invisible."

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