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The Lights Are Off, But Everybody's At Work: Anviz Product Works Even When the Power Is Out

In instances where power sources are unreliable business can become more complicated. The time-attendance device, EP300 by Anviz Global, is especially suitable for this type of environment. The device has an alternate power-supply source.

Nigeria has suffered from chronic power shortages since independence. These problems have become more pronounced given Nigeria's impressive economic rise. Recent statistics indicate that Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa. However, power supplies across the country have deteriorated further. It is particularly problematic in the cities of Lagos and Abuja. Although, it is very much a nation-wide problem. Last year only about 40 million Nigerians had access to electricity. Currently, one survey found that the average Nigerian had access to power for about two hours a week. Some regions have gone without power for more than three weeks. While certain numbers can be disputed, it is very clear that the Nigerian population suffers from a chronic energy problem. The socio-economic problems associated with the power shortages are profound.

Given the scarcity and high-cost of power, it would stand to reason that many Nigerian business-owners would be in search of products that are low-energy consumption devices, and could function without a reliable power source. A device such as EP300, by Anviz Global, could provide a solution to this problem. The EP300 is a biometric fingerprint-time attendance device. Biometric, fingerprint-based identification provides a high-level of accuracy that subjects are correctly identified. The EP300 might be especially suitable for the Nigerian market given a unique feature it possesses. The device has an alternate power-source, an 1100mAH Lithium battery. This ensures that in the event that the main power-source of the EP300 is disrupted, the device will continue to function for up to six hours. Having access to important company information that is stored on the EP300 during times of uncertainty can be vital to a company. The device will help clarify time-attendance records which otherwise would be unrecordable due to the blackouts. Moreover it has a power-saving setting, whereby if the device is inactive for a period of time, it will revert to a low-power consumption mode. The EP300 does not solve all power-related problems for Nigerian businesses. Rather, it aims to make daily operations in one particular field more certain. Given its capabilities, the EP300 combines reliability and accuracy with affordability. It becomes a logical choice for large companies, but also small and medium-sized enterprises.

This issue represents an unfortunately common situation in numerous developing countries. Energy providers in many countries, such as India, are also struggling to meet the domestic consumption needs of its citizens . Therefore, the EP300 represents an ideal choice for business owners throughout the developing world, especially those who do not have access to reliable power supplies.

EP300 can be purchased in Nigeria through Ross Distribution Enterprise located at Block A2-6, Suite 246 Sura Shopping Complex, Simpson Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria. You can also contact Roseline Uantioje at 01-2911104 or 0708-0330423 for more details. Inquiries can also be directed to their email address

Anviz is an international biometric security company with six offices worldwide. The company offers a broad range of access control and time attendance products, ranging from biometrics, to surveillance, and RFID devices. Anviz employees will be representing the company at IFSEC South Africa, May 13-15 at booth J15 Hall 2.

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