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The Lemon Detox Now Supported By Muscle Finesse

The Lemon Detox has gained a huge amount of popularity in the past few months, endorsed by notable celebrities such as Beyonce. Muscle Finesse are now supporting the product, while warning consumers not to become complacent.

Over the past few months the Lemon Detox has seen a huge jump in popularity. Originally referred to as the 'Master Cleanse', the detox was created in 1941 as a method of treating stomach ulcers and other irregularities. Now endorsed by a number of celebrities in the USA the diet is becoming widely publicised by the media, and the public are expressing a strong interest. In light of this Muscle Finesse are offering generous reductions on their stock of Madal Bal syrup, the extract composing the primary ingredient of the detox.

Consumers can mix the Madal Bal syrup extract with water and a dash of cayenne pepper to create a juice-like drink, to be taken when the detox-er begins to feel noticeably hungry. Through sparing and correct use it's possible to experience rapid weight loss while avoiding the hunger pains that often accompany intensive, low calorie diets.

A customer service representative from Muscle Finesse chose to expand on the company's support of the programme, "The Lemon Detox is popular with good reason, and easily fits with our company policy of only supplying our customers with products they need, but live up to our personal standards of honesty and effectiveness. Some individuals have been seen to lose 12lbs in 10 days, an impressive loss by any degree. We're discounting Madal Bal syrup by almost 40 per cent, an amount that grows with multiple purchases."

Though remained quick to warn dieters to exercise caution if taking part in the detox programme. Although Muscle Finesse supports and supplies the product, consumers are reminded that the programme wasn't any different from other weight-loss regimes, requiring both effort and patience to achieve permanent weight loss. The detox may be successful at rapid weight loss, but unless individuals change their diets and exercise levels on a permanent basis they may risk gaining the weight again within a relatively short period.

Muscle Finesse are based in Peterborough, supplying exercise equipment, supplements and clothing to consumers and businesses across the UK to help individuals maximise their fitness gains, and companies to offer quality products in turn. The Lemon Detox represents one of the most recent additions to the company's catalogue, and with hard work Muscle Finesse hope to see more people hitting their fitness targets of 2013.

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