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The Lead Generation Revolution Is Real-time Company Website Activity Analysis

Web analytics will improve the website traffic and conversions, but in B2B leads are required which requires the company name that can be provided by LEADSExplorer.

In B2B the company name and the interest of the visitors of the website is required which web analytics fail to provide but can be obtained using LEADSExplorer.

Since the early days of the Internet systems have measured the traffic, reported the sources of visitors and the visitors flow on the website. This is beneficial for increasing the traffic of the website but brings no information for lead generation.

LEADSExplorer www.LEADSExplorer.com provides real-time company website activity by revealing the companies visiting and indicates their interest in products or services and provides the level of interest. This allows contacting only interested companies with an email or a telephone call concerning solutions that matter to each company.

LEADSExplorer a lead generation web service in real-time which:
- Reveals the companies visiting
- Indicates their interest in products or services
- Shows the level of interest
- Allows contacting people in these interested companies by email
- Following-up these website leads

For each visitor the service will:
- Look-up the company name
- Show the search terms used or referencing website
- Display the pages visited
- Give visit information such as time on pages, most visited page, duration of visit
- Indicate the number of returning visits by visitor and by company

Sales and marketing teams will receive valuable information for improving the lead generation and increasing the number of sales deals closed.

True lead generation is like re-targeting companies that have visited the company website by sending people of these visiting companies an email as the message is:
- In relation to the interest shown by their visit (search terms used, pages visited)
- timely: people are interested at that very moment

More information can be found on the LEADSExplorer website (www.LEADSExplorer.com)

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