The Launch of Lifestyle Brand Mugambo's New Collection on WahGifts India

Wahgifts, a Delhi based online gift shopping portal, known for its unique gift ideas for every occasion, recently announced the launch of its own brand 'Mugambo' t-shirts for men's latest collection.

The online fashion market witnessed another launch of some super cool men apparel yesterday. The famous lifestyle brand Mugambo which is known for its tongue in cheek humor inspired clothing, launched it's another humorous collection of men t-shirts.

Mugambo is owned by the leading online shopping portal, wahgifts.com. Its collection is young, fun and naughty. "Our clothes always represent the young generations' state of mind with an appealing ambiguity" quoted the owner Mr. Abhinandan Jain. This is one brand which constantly strives to deliver stylish collection at affordable prices without ever compromising the quality.

Some of their famous t-shirts have been inspired from the famous bollywood movie characters such as Gabbar and Thakur from the movie "sholay". Some of the other designs takes a humorous toll on various political issues and movies such as "boond boond kimati hai" for Vicky donor, the "Aam Aadmi party" t-shirt, and the latest slangs such "babaji ka thullu", "karne se hoga", "aji ghanta mera", "female body inspector (FBI)", "game over after marriage", "I am not perfect but I am a limited edition" etc.

Funny t-shirts which are inspired from the life of husbands after having a baby are quite popular with the new dads. Similarly the funny designs which make fun of life after marriage are quite popular amongst the newly married men. Slangs and funny quotes are popular amongst the college going students especially guys.

Available in all regular sizes with custom fit, these crew necks, white, t-shirts have been tailored from poly cotton fabric. These super soft t-shirts will make you feel comfortable throughout the day. Top quality pigment printing ensures that the print last for longer duration and don't go away in few washes. It can be easily machine washed at home.

Mugambo is a men lifestyle brand which has successfully blended humor and style into its apparels. Over the last one year, the brand has developed a strong fashion focus with regularly released collections that are supplemented by a hugely popular, funny t-shirts' range. With an emphasis on latest trends and one-liners, the brand targets young men of the country, who loves being the ultimate stud of their group.

Brand's logo, a Mustache- the emblem of masculinity, takes its inspiration from the ancient Indian stories, which states that keeping a mustache is the ultimate symbol of manhood and power. Being a men fashion brand, Mugambo takes pride in keeping a thick mustache in the brand logo which has been designed to look like the letter 'm' of the word 'Mugambo'.

Buyers can also check out their collection of other patriotic t-shirts such as Gandhi t-shirts and bhagat singh t-shirts for men which have some of the famous quotes of Gandhi ji and bhagat singh, printed on some super soft t-shirts. WahGifts has a huge collection of men t-shirts available at amazing prices. It is a trusted name in terms of naughty and funny t-shirts, which are highly popular amongst the youngster of India.

Buy Mugambo t-shirts here- http://www.wahgifts.com/brands/mugambo

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