The Launch Of A New Website About Skirts

Maria Rodriguez has launched - a website that reviews and gives expert opinions on skirts.

Maria Rodriguez is pleased to announce the launch of her new websites about skirts - The main features of the site are a more simplistic design, making the articles easier to read, and a wide area of topics covered.

This website is not a common e-commerce website. reviews different kinds of skirts, points out the upsides and downsides, and gives tips on how to wear them. Also, you will find a lot of video posts made by experts in this area. In the latest blog post, "How to Wear a Mini-Skirt" a Texas expert tells you what you need to look out for when buying a mini-skirt.

"I am really happy and pleased that we managed to launch this project without any serious difficulties!" says Maria Rodriguez, the founder of "We know that there is a lot of work to be done to get our message heard, but I'm confident that our staff will demonstrate that our expertise should be taken into account when buying a skirt."

When asked why Maria Rodriguez decided to start this website, her assistant, Carrie Underwood laughingly replied, "Because she thought it would be fun and interesting to give people an extra opinion to deal with." As of April 30th 2012, there are 6 articles published on this website - "How To Wear Short Skirts", "Skirts For Women - The Do's and Don'ts", "Mini Skirts For Women - How To Find The One That Fits?", "Long Skirts For Women - Should You Spend Money On Them?", "Style Guide: Jean Skirts for Women", "Denim Skirts Knee Length - What You Need To Know". Soon expect more articles and expert opinions to be published.

Maria Rodriguez has already started 5 websites, including one about marketing with Andy Demi. But she left because of "creative differences" with her partner. Why does she think this project will be a success?

"You know, unlike working with Andy Demi, I have surrounded myself with people who exactly know what I expect of them. This kind of understanding will play a positive role in the development of", says Maria Rodrigues. "I guess we'll have to wait and see whether our main competitors, who already have a certain reputation, will push us off the market." plans on publishing one post every Tuesday at 6 P.M GMT/ 1 P.M EST.

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