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The Key For Hair Thickening

People seek solutions for fine hair. Well, ThickMyHair have the key to all hair problems. In this Blog and there are exclusive hair thickening products and solutions, plus home made products to make hair thicker

If your hair is thin and unhealthy and every day is a bad hair day that will make you want to hibernate . But do not worry: you can revitalize your hair without leaving home . The solution for healthy hair can come and not cosmetics , but your kitchen. In fact, the hair thickening products you put on your hair can be the reason your hair is fine. Bleach it , coloring , straightening, and permanent , not to mention poor diet and disease, all take a turn in your beautiful locks.

Nourish your body:

According to a study conducted in Poland , women can regenerate and restore hair thickness, ensuring that they receive adequate levels of vitamin B-6 . It is also important to regrow hair vitamin B-12 , another B vitamin called biotin and omega-3 found in fish and nuts fatty acids, among other foods. Start by taking a daily multivitamin containing several B and eat a nutritious diet full of action , such as eggs , fish , lean meats and proteins vitamins. You can also talk to a nutritionist or a doctor of any deficiencies in your diet and how to overcome them.

Rinse with oatmeal:

Since oatmeal is widely known as a hair thickening, see it listed as an ingredient in many air conditioners thicken hair. Although they have the right idea, these hair thickening products may not have enough to really do the job. Make your own air conditioner by placing a 1/8 cup of oatmeal in a cup , adding enough water to make a cream and pudding goo . Applied to the tips of your hair as you would with conditioner you buy in a store, let it sit on the hair for a few minutes , then rinse.

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