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The Importance Of Using Bathroom Carpets

A bathroom carpet does make a bathroom feel warm and inviting to the people. Carpets are ideal for use in bathrooms. They keep the under side of foot warm.

A bathroom carpet does make a bathroom feel warm and inviting to the people. Carpets are ideal for use in bathrooms. They keep the under side of foot warm. So carpets are widely used in bathrooms in colder regions to escape from the biting cold. More over carpets are non-slip and are safe to use in bathrooms which are used by kids and elder persons in the home. Bath room carpets are affordable even to the common man and there is a huge selection to choose from. Although any type of carpets can be laid in the bathroom, the most commonly used is the foam backed carpets.

Before buying the carpet for the bathroom it is necessary to know about the different type of fibers used for making the carpets and which can withstand the moisture and the traffic in the bathroom area. It is better to know about advantages and disadvantages of the different fibers, as the type of fiber used determines the texture, the physical appearance, the longevity of the carpet and most important of all, the cost and its ability to resist stains. Different varieties of artificial as well as natural fibers are used for making the carpets.

Carpets made of nylon fibers are highly durable, stain resistant and make excellent choice for areas with high traffic. As it can maintain the fiber height and withstand heavy weights they are very popular and have long life. Nylon is mainly used for residential carpeting they are water resistant and are widely used in bathrooms where the carpets come in contact with water regularly. Another variety of fiber used in carpet making is the olefin or the polypropylene. This fiber is also resistant to moisture and is easy to clean and maintain. They are the least expensive of the artificial fibers. Acrylic fibers resemble the wool fibers and can give the look of wool fibers at a much lower cost. Wool fibers are natural fibers and have resistance to water. They are used in cut pile and textured carpets.

An individual buying the bathroom expect that to have long life. It should also look nice in bathroom and should pride comfort and convenience to the user. Having knowledge of the different types of carpet piles enables one to choose the correct type of carpet for the correct usage. Cut pile carpets are the most enduring and most resistant to crushing, they are manufactured by cutting the looped fibers at the top. These cut pile carpet gives luxurious appearance to the area where it is laid. There are different types of cut-pile carpets, Saxony carpets are made by twisting two or more fibers. They have medium durability and will show all the footprints and tracks. The textured Saxony carpets are softer and have multi coloured appearance, this will hide the foot prints. Frieze carpets are used in high traffic areas. They consist of small fibers curled in all directions which hide dirt, stains and footprints.

Cut and loop pile if combined together makes a medium density carpets which can be used in bathrooms as well. Berber carpets are good for informal areas like bathrooms they limit foot

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