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The Heated Baby Blanket

The Heated Baby Blanket will keep a child warm, cozy, and comfortable when outdoors in all types of weather.

Parents want to keep their child warm and comfortable when out in cold weather, but they may dread the hassle of clothing the child in coats, jackets, mittens, and other clothing items. A quick and easy way to protect a child when going outside in a car seat or stroller is the Heated Baby Blanket. The Heated Baby Blanket is a specially designed baby blanket with integrated heating coils that warm the surface of the blanket to a cozy, safe temperature. It keeps a child warm and comfortable when on short journeys, when spending time outdoors or when riding in a vehicle or stroller. Available in a variety of colors and designs, the Heated Baby Blanket can also be used as a cozy lap blanket for keeping the extremities of adults warm. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer response for the Heated Baby Blanket.

The Patent Pending Heated Baby Blanket was invented by John Samperi of Brooklyn, NY, who said, "Comparable in size to traditional infant blankets and in function to an electric blanket, the Heated Baby Blanket is manufactured primarily of a cushiony soft and flame-resistant material in accordance to the stringent guidelines for children's products as set forth by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). The blanket is designed to warm to a temperature that is safe to the infant and not overly hot. Power is supplied by a rechargeable battery pack which is housed in a dedicated sleeve incorporated into the design of the blanket. A removable charger cord is included for charging the blanket when not in use. Also, an adapter cord for plugging the blanket into a vehicle outlet port is also available in order to charge the blanket when on the go. A second battery pack can also be stored in a pocket, providing back up power to the blanket in case of emergencies."

The inventor added, "Since the Heated Baby Blanket operates on rechargeable batteries, it may prove extremely valuable in an emergency. If the power goes out during a winter storm or if the car breaks down in the winter, the Heated Baby Blanket will keep a child warm and toasty until help arrives."

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