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The Hat Pad Head Protection

The Hat Pad Head Protection is dessigned to protect the user's head from bumps and bruises!

Hat Pad Head Protection is a line of padded inserts specially designed to be adhered or integrated inside the crowns of baseball cap style hats. They are intended to provide wearers with a simple and effective means of protecting themselves from injury if they accidentally bump their heads on a hard object. The unit would be a circular or square pad that is placed directly in the center of the cap's interior crown, just under the button that connects the cap sections. It could be offered in a padded cotton, or other fabric material, and sold as an individual or aftermarket product that can be manually adhered or included at the point of manufacture.

When produced as a whole hat unit, the array of styles and designs would be unlimited. The Hat Pad Head protection would offer baseball cap wearers a simple and effective means of preventing accidental head injuries. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating very strong consumer interest in the Hat Pad Head Protection.

The Patent Pending Hat Pad Head Protection was invented by Steve Wehde, of Ingleside, IL, who said, "I was always hitting my head at work and before it had a chance to heal — I would hit it again in the same spot! The Hat Pad Head Protection is a solution to the problem and very comfortable to wear."

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