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The Handy and Convenient Auto Mixer

The handy and convenient Auto Mixer is a battery-powered drink mixer and a locking-lid, insulated drinking cup which at a push of the button mixes the ingredients; no spoon needed.

BAYSIDE, NY—Today many people carry beverages to work, to a health club, and other places. Some of these beverages need to be mixed or stirred in order to dissolve the protein powders or other ingredients. At times, it may be inconvenient to prepare these beverages, if there are no spoons or kitchen facilities. The Auto Mixer is the answer to this problem. It is a personal, insulated drinking cup which, through a battery-powered motor and a locking lid, stores and dispenses beverages. Also, at the push of a button, it mixes the ingredients necessary to prepare the drink. The Auto Mixer lets one prepare and enjoy favorite beverages, easily, quickly, and without spoons or kitchen facilities. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Auto Mixer.

The Patent Pending Auto Mixer was invented by Alex Pogosyan of Bayside, NY, who said, "The dishwasher safe Auto Mixer has two components. These components mate and lock at a threaded, rubber-gasketed joint. The bottom is an insulated cup and the lid contains the battery or batteries, the motor, the mixing rods or wands, and a snap-cap drinking spout. The power switch is a button on the top of the lid. When it is depressed, a small electrical motor spins the two mixing wands of arms and mixes the contents in the cup."

The inventor added, "Using the Auto Mixer is simple and straightforward. It can be used with any beverage that requires mixing or stirring, such as creamed coffee, energy sports drinks, nutritional supplement drinks, and other drinks. Prepare a drink at home in the morning, in the breakroom at work, at the health-club, or almost anywhere. It is great for keeping drinks hot or cold and makes transporting them easy."

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