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The Gym Elkins Park Soft Launches MMA Style Training for Weekend Warriors via Groupon

Featured via a Groupon Daily Deal on January 8, 2014, the Training for Warriors System is offered at 77% off.

The Training for Warriors (TFW) Fitness Solution is a physical conditioning and mental training system originally created for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters. TFW features the identical physical and mental conditioning system that many professional MMA fighters, as well as other professional athletes including NFL, Olympic, NBA, and MLB players utilize to raise their fitness to an elite level in order to excel in their individual sport.

Martin Rooney, TFW's founder, realized that the benefits of the system are not solely limited to professional athletes. The system can be equally effective for the Weekend Warrior, busy executives, housewives wanting to get back in shape or just about anybody looking to Unleash their Inner Warrior.

Bringing TFW to everyday warriors is The Gym Elkins Park, which has been granted a license to be an official provider of the system. While the official launch of TFW is set with a charity drive for end-February 2014, The Gym is soft launching the powerful training program through a featured Groupon Daily Deal, beginning January 8, 2014.

The Gym's Groupon Daily Deal offers 10 or 20 Apex Fitness Boot Camp classes or 5 Training for Warriors sessions at up to 86% off.

Unlike most other training programs, the TFW System embraces a holistic approach to training. TFW encompasses extensive warm ups, speed drills, total body strength training, endurance training, flexibility work and nutrition, all of which are based on a comprehensive evaluation process.

All TFW training sessions at The Gym Elkins Park will be led by TFW Certified Coaches, and held in a specially designed artificial turf athletic training center utilizing the most effective and safest functional equipment in the industry. With the TFW System coupled with the selection of safe and effective functional equipment, Warriors will build total body strength, improve conditioning, shed fat and gain muscle quickly and safely.

To find out more about the Training for Warriors soft launch at The Gym in Elkins Park, please visit for information.

Training for Warriors (TFW) is a physical and mental training system originally created for Mixed Martial Arts fighters by TFW's founder, Martin Rooney, more than 12 years ago. Offered at The Gym Elkins Park in Pennsylvania, the TFW System utilizes ongoing evaluation and feedback to adapt specific strength and conditioning protocols to best fit a Warrior's needs.

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