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The Gym Challenges PhillyFIT Magazine To Test MMA Style Training For Weekend Warriors Of All Fitness Levels

The fitness enthusiasts at PhillyFIT Magazine who tested the Training for Warriors (TFW) Training System recommend the program for anyone from the beginner fitness enthusiast to the advanced fitness buff.

The Gym in Elkins Park, PA is out to prove that the Training for Warriors (TFW) Training System is truly a great workout regimen suitable for all fitness levels - and did just that by challenging PhillyFIT Magazine, Philadelphia's leading fitness publication.

The TFW System was founded by Martin Rooney 12 years ago, originally aimed at preparing top level Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters for battle. Rooney, who trains champion MMA fighters and also other world-class athletes, has stated that TFW is equally beneficial for Weekend Warriors, busy executives and housewives wanting to get back in shape or just about anybody looking to "Unleash their Inner Warrior".

To prove this premise, The Gym - which recently acquired a license for TFW - challenged PhillyFIT Magazine to test the effectiveness of the TFW Training System for all fitness levels.

On January 19, 2014, PhillyFIT magazine sent its A-Team of fitness enthusiasts consisting of Denine Kirby, a beginner fitness member; Dave Eltz, an advanced CrossFitter; and Rich Dupell, Head Coach at CrossFit Fallsington, to represent PhilyFIT at the TFW Challenge. Steve Atkinson and Tim Bodman, two of TFW Elkins Park's Certified Coaches, provided the TFW training and oversaw the entire session.
Unlike most other training regimens, TFW considers the warmup as the cornerstone of its training system. The TFW warmup is vital to preventing injury, as well as preparing the Warrior for the rigors of its core workout. TFW's warmups are always performed while wearing socks or in bare feet to strengthen the feet, ankles and neck - areas of the body seldom trained by other fitness disciplines.

Following TFW's "Get Pumped!" Warmup, the coaches demonstrated the exercises for the day's full body Warrior Strength workout - "The Heart of the Warrior!" The workout consisted of several rounds of exercises using a wide assortment of free weights, sand bags, sleds, battle ropes, medicine balls, kettle bells and functional equipment stations.

The TFW Coaches kept the Team moving and motivated as they advanced through the exercise stations, which were designed to strengthen the core, build strength and improve cardiovascular endurance, with the resistance adjusted according to the Challenger's capabilities. There was a lot of variety in the workout and just the right amount of rest between drills, which included sprinting, functional exercises and lots of abdominal work.

At the conclusion of the TFW Training Session, each member of the PhillyFit Challenge Team agreed it was a great workout, "We would recommend TFW to anyone who wants to advance their current fitness level, and also avoid the typical boring workouts at their local fitness center!" The PhillyFit Team said, "It is a simply a great alternative exercise regimen to our current training at any fitness level!"

The Training for Warriors Sessions are conducted on a specially designed artificial turf athletic training center utilizing the most effective and safest functional equipment in the industry.
To find out more about Training for Warriors Elkins Park featured in PhillyFit Magazine, please visit for information.

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