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The Grill Sergeants Now Available on Hulu from 321 Productions

321 Productions announces the premiere of The Grill Sergeants, a military cooking show with host SFC Brad Turner available now on hulu and hulu plus.

321 Productions has announced that they are presenting Grill Sergeants, a half-hour cooking show featuring the military's top chefs guiding viewers through step-by-step menu preparation, now streaming on Hulu at http://www.hulu.com/the-grill-sergeants.

Originally broadcasted to United States troops throughout the world, The Grill Sergeants presents easy-to-create meals using recipes crafted exclusively by active-duty military personnel. With simple ingredients and preparation, the show illustrates how proven recipes currently feeding hungry troops around the world feel right at home in the kitchen.

Host SFC Brad Turner, the Grill Sergeant, is a New Orleans native and has been deployed numerous times to Southwest Asia and Iraq. He was recently stationed at Fort Lee, Virginia, as a platoon sergeant and culinary instructor, and he currently serves as Dining Facility Manager at the Stanley Gardens Restaurant at Camp Stanley, Korea. While stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia, SFC Turner was chosen as an apprentice to the United States Army Culinary Team. From there he went on to apprentice with German Master Chef Hans Bauer in Amberg Germany, and ultimately stationed himself in Texas where he helped establish the Fort Bliss Culinary Program.

When you tune in to The Grill Sergeants, you're bound to catch a few of SFC Turner's catch-phrases, like "Ooh Wee & Wow"-which refer to his signature spices-or "Share your love. Share your food." It's a motto he lives and works by and is exemplary of his style and personality.

"It's so natural for me," he said. "The guy singing, clowning - that's me. It's not scripted. Not one show is scripted. Everything is just coming out and flowing."

321 Productions continues to offer some of the industry's best talent and services. 321 Production's dynamic and entertaining programming is helping define the industry standard of the always in motion marketplace. Across 321 Production's expansive content portfolio, The Grill Sergeants is yet another exciting show sure to captivate viewers everywhere.

For more information visit 321 Productions, located on the web at http://www.321productions.net.

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