The Greatest True Love Stories of All Time With Robert Fulghum

In this Ask Dr. Love show, Dr. Jamie Turndorf and guest Robert Fulghum share with her audience the world's greatest love stories, including their own.

Since this is the week of Valentine's Day, Dr. Jamie Turndorf couldn't resist sharing some of the world's greatest love stories with her audience. And as a Valentine's surprise, for the first time ever, she will be publicly sharing her own extraordinary love story.

Her audience will also be meeting Robert Fulghum, author of the phenomenally bestselling book, All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. This collection of essays was the second longest #1 bestseller in 23 years.

Dr. Turndorf will also be discussing Fulghum's book, True Love, which is a compilation of true love tales submitted to him by his readers. The stories, chosen by Fulghum to reflect the many faces of love, are amusing, sentimental and sometimes gritty.

Tune in for a show that is a true celebration of love. It is a show that the world is sure to love.

Hosted on every Tuesday at 1pm EST, [url:] Ask Dr. Love is a live one hour Internet radio talk show focusing on love and relationships.[/url] Listeners can also call-in to the show and ask Dr. Turndorf for advice on any of their personal issues and get heartfelt yet professional advice. Archived shows are available on,,, YouTube, and iTunes.

Dr. Jamie Turndorf is a popular relationship expert and couples therapist, author, and radio show host known to millions around the world as the creator of, the Web's first free relationship advice site originally launched in 1996. now offers thousands of advice articles on every imaginable relationship, marriage, dating, or sex advice question. You can follow Dr. Turndorf on Facebook and on Twitter @askdrlove.

Dr. Tundorf's advice and methods will bring greater romance and intimacy into your love life, so be sure to tune in or call in to the Ask Dr Love radio show and get help from one of today's most repected love and relationship experts. As Dr. Turndorf says, "Knowledge Is Your Key To Happy Relationships!"

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