The Great Health Debate Night #5 - Buddhist Monks Eating Meat?

Dr. Williams was interviewed with Dr. Goldhamer. Both are healthy living and diet experts with over 20 years of experience. They helped countless of clients to get better with their health and even cure some deadly diseases.

Dr. Williams was interviewed with Dr. Goldhamer. Both are healthy living and diet experts with over 20 years of experience. They helped countless of clients to get better with their health and even cure some deadly diseases.

1. True evidence of the polarity of diet.

If you really want to know about something, you have to experience it for yourself.

Dr. J. E. Williams decided in 1965 that in order to understand what indigenous people eat and how they live, he needed to live with them.

Over the last 40 years, he's spent time with numerous tribes in the Americas and has witnessed more than science can prove.

What's most evident to him is the polarity of diet among the people he's lived with - their diets are not the same, yet they have (or in some cases - had) great health.

On last night's call, Dr. Williams talked about his time with the Siberian Eskimos from the Bering Strait and Q'ero Indians of the Andes Mountains in Peru.

Not surprisingly, these people have completely different diets.

In fact, almost completely opposite.

The Eskimos ate (I emphasize the past tense here) walrus, seal and whale. 90-95% of their diet was from animals.

The Q'ero eat potatoes - and I mean a lot of potatoes. 90-95% of their diet is plant based.

They both are (in the case of the Eskimos - were) incredibly robust, strong and healthy people despite their dietary differences.

Obviously, the diet isn't the only variable to good health - which I've been harping on the last couple of days.

But maybe there are more commonalities in diet than we think, if we consider the inverse...

No salt, no sugar, no soy nuggets, no kale chips, no processed Cheeze-Its or anything else in a box.

Other commonalities outside of diet are many. They are connected to their land, work hard, get plenty of sleep, have low stress, worship the earth and are always on the move.
I feel, in order to live long, we have to embrace all of this - not just a diet dogma.

4. Meat eating monks?

I love the story Dr. Williams tells about his time with the Buddhist monks - who are known to be "vegetarian."

Obviously, it's best to hear him tell it, but I'm going to recount it here.

He was a vegan in China studying at a Buddhist temple.

Each morning the monks would go out and beg for food, then come back and pray. Every day at 11:00 they would eat one meal that would be made with the food they had brought back from the morning.

On this day at 11:00, as the monks assembled for lunch, Dr. Williams was among them.

The plates came out and on them was fish.

Dr. Williams, as a vegan, figured he wasn't going to eat that day.

His teacher saw this and came over to ask if he was going to eat.

Dr. Williams told him he thought the monks didn't eat meat or fish and the teacher smiled.

He said, "every morning we go out and beg for food. Today, Buddha has brought us fish and we are thankful."

5. 100% raw food only diet is tough to get right.

It's not impossible to do the 100% raw diet, but it's not easy either.

Dr. Goldhamer has seen his fair share of raw foodists that struggle with their diet.

They either are on a high sugar diet or a high fat diet, from what he sees, and neither tend to work so well.

I think the most important thing he said about the raw food diet is that it's relatively easy to do and feel good for a few years.

But after 2-3 years, is when most start to show deficiency in some way or another.

I can't tell you how true this is.

In fact, traveling around the U.S. over the last few years has given me insight that most people do not have.

We've met many people who are 1-4 years into raw foods are adamant that this diet is the best for everyone on the planet.

We've also met many who started to not feel as good as they did after the first 1-4 years and began to change their diet back to something that resembled a more balanced approach.

On top of that, we've met many raw experts who don't share all their dietary choices publicly, further confusing the issue.

I'm not saying the raw food diet can't be done. I'm saying you have to be diligent.

Dr. Goldhamer is saying the same thing.

He also said, those who stick with a poorly or even "OK" raw food over time also tend to show signs of emotional volatility and immune suppression.

7. Water fasting is powerful.

The best way to explain the power of this type of healing protocol is to let someone who's been healed tell you about it.

While we were at Dr. Goldhamer's True North Health Center last year, we had an opportunity to meet Christina who was there for a 41 day water fast.

Christina's story is remarkable and compelling and I want you to watch it to see how amazing the work that Dr. Goldhamer does changes people's lives.

- Click here to see Part 1

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Hearing that story gives me the chills.

People truly can heal naturally.

Classic Quote of the Night:

"The way you know your salad is big enough is if when you bring the bowl to the table people react with shock and awe."

Dr. Alan Goldhamer

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