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The Gospel According to Judas: A Handbook on Life

The culmination of 25 years of experiences, this book is unique in its scope. Out of madness and chaos, the light that could be found in the darkness. A discovery of what is real.

John H. Doe is his real name. And he claims that he can make sense of the world. All of it, even the parts that don't make sense at all. The cosmos scrutinized between the covers of this nonfiction. This new book may be slim, but it is dense, and covers ground from what it means to exist to the existence of God, and what it could possibly be: to love. It is a philosophy as one does not usually imagine, the experience first hand as one who was lost became found.

On October 7, 1988 JD was drafted as a soldier in what could be known as the War in Heaven. A war between angels. A war in eternity. He didn't realize at the time what he had gotten into. But as it was ending (some 25 years later in the fight, off and on through those years), he discovered it was one of the keys that unlocked an understanding of why the things of the world are as they are: why there is pain, why there is so much injustice, what is the meaning of life. Why so much goes wrong when God is good.

This book does not have the answers as much as puts you on your own path to find your own answers. It is come of visions from God. Sound crazy? Yeah, you could say there's a little of that. But you will find that it is the truth that really sounds crazy.

If you would like to look for yourself, get it on Amazon: Paperback Kindle version
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or go to the website, look around:

Find out for yourself what it all means.

John H. Doe ("Doe" being a rare Korean last name) researched artificial intelligence for over a decade, when certain events blasted him out of that orbit. You wouldn't know it by looking at him that he had routinely talked to angels. He has written one other book, 'The Sinner's Prayer Book,' and has had his poetry published. Currently residing in Manhattan, recovering from why he wrote his latest book. Or trying to.

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