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The Glow Dog Glow Collar For Beloved Pets

The new Glow Dog Glow collar has a glow stick that keeps your dog visible during the ark..

Most pet owners love their pets dearly and want to protect their safety. They do not want to experience the agony of losing a beloved pet due to being hit by a passing vehicle. Glow Dog Glow ensures that your pet is highly visible at night. Glow Dog Glow is a specially designed dog collar with a handy glow stick in the unit. It gives pet owners a simple and effective way to ensure their pets are easily seen at night.

This device does not require any batteries or an external energy source to operate. Glow Dog Glow withstands extreme heat, cold, rain, and snow. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Glow Dog Glow.

The Patent Pending Glow Dog Glow was invented by Russ Ackerman of Guttenberg, NJ, who said, "Rectangular in shape, the adjustable Glow Dog Glow is a durable nylon unit. With convenient, buckle-style fasteners flanking each end as well as an opening for attaching identification tags, the length of the collar has a series of loops, which secure the glow stick. Offered in an array of colors and styles to appeal to individual tastes, Glow Dog Glow greatly increases the safety of dogs when darkness falls."

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