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The Gift with a Purpose: Wine Glass Charms

People are watching their money tighter than ever these days. While not wanting to buy Valentine's Day gifts that are simply and solely practical, they are looking for items that are dazzling as well. Wine glass charms are the perfect solution.

Nobody wants to give their wife or girlfriend a vacuum cleaner for Valentine's Day. They might, but they are going to be smart enough not to. Yet, they also want to make sure that whatever gift they give has some sort of practical measure to it as well. Despite what recent reports say about the economy rebounding, there is still significant concern about financial stability, and many gentlemen are looking cautiously at what they are going to buy this year. More and more of them are recognizing that wine glass charms serve both a practical purpose and an aesthetic one.

The practicality comes from the fact that, the next time their spouse or girlfriend is hosting a wine-themed party (which, according to reports, has become the most popular home entertainment option), these handcrafted wine glass charms will let each of their guests know which glass of wine is theirs. That way, when they put their glass down amid a sea of other glasses, all filled with the same wine and looking remarkably similar, they will be able to return to that glass with the confidence that they are not inadvertently drinking someone else's wine.

The aesthetic value comes from the fact that the wine glass charms offered for sale by Woodsy Wino are handcrafted and custom designed. Made with precious metals and the clearest glass, they have the same sparkling look as fine jewelry. Part of the allure of Valentine's Day is the knowledge that the most popular gifts are the ones that sparkle, but most of the jewelry that is bought is worn infrequently at best. By giving wine glass charms as a gift, the gentleman can be assured that every time she is having a glass of wine, she is seeing that gift and she is thinking of him, and isn't that part of what gift giving is about?

Jack Terry is wondering if anyone knows about a gift with a porpoise, because all he ever sees are dolphins.

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