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The Galaxy TabPro 10.1 Is Not the First High-end Android Tablet from Samsung

The Koreans were previously including two premium Android tablets in the Note Series. Where the Galaxy Tab tablets are known as solid mediocrity Samsung has introduced a new category between mid-range and top in the shape of the Galaxy TabPro series.

The Samsung Galaxy TabPro 10.1 (SM-T520) on paper at least as interesting as the Note tablets, except the digitizer screen and stylus. How the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 TabPro gave birth during general use, and how the Samsung tablet performed well.

This tablet review has been carried out with the white Samsung Galaxy TabPro 10.1 with 16GB of storage and Wi-Fi (SM or SM-T520 T520N).

A striking appearance, with his thin appearance, rear aluminum rim, and thin bezels alongside the sharp display. Therefore, you can get the Galaxy 10.1 TabPro characterized as you get out of the box the device.

Like the Samsung Galaxy TabPro 8.4 review, we must be satisfied to establish that this Samsung tablet is both stylish and robust. The robustness is not emitted; the look can be described as gentle and kind before. However, after repeated use you will notice that this tablet PC it can take a beating. The aluminum rim provides most of the strength in the corners, an important point. Moreover, with a weight of only 475 grams, the impact from a fall is not huge.

However, we must remark that places a 2K screen not full HD videos can render. One-to-one In other words, a full HD video is just as sharp on a 2K display because each pixel one-on-one may not be the screen. Acquired fortunately, it does not stop at this TabPro 10.1. In addition, videos are still showing very sharp.

This high-end Galaxy TabPro 10.1 is a piece of quality that competition may be jealous. "The retail price of 479 Euros is on the high side, but it will not be long before the price goes through business deals or cash back actions," said Edward Marlow Senior Editor of Website.

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