The G.G.W. Gorilla Glass Windshield

The G.G.W. Gorilla Glass Windshield is a lighter, clearer, and tougher windshield.

Would you like a lighter, cleaner, and tougher windshield for your car- one that is resistant to scratches? The G.G.W. Gorilla Glass Windshield is a laminated automotive windshield featuring Corning Gorilla Glass®, a glass renowned for its clarity, resistance to scratching, and lightweight yet renowned strength. These characteristics, incorporated into laminated automotive glass, make for windshields of exceptional optical quality and durability, at prices competitive with existing windshield systems.

For the windshield and rear glass of motor vehicles, the G.G.W. Gorilla Glass Windshield can be manufactured for motor vehicles of virtually any make, model, and year. It can be incorporated into the design and manufacture of new motor vehicles and/or produced as an aftermarket windshield replacement. Televised test marking has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the G.G.W. Gorilla Glass Windshield.

The Patent Pending G.G.W. Gorilla Glass Windshield was invented by Anthony Eric Davy Wagner, an auto glass technician, of Costa Mesa, CA, who said, "The G.G.W. Gorilla Glass Windshield uses two layers of Gorilla Glass®, heat-fused to a core layer of transparent plastic laminate. The optical quality of the Gorilla Glass®, as well as its lightweight strength and resistance to scratches and impacts, should result in a lighter, clearer, and tougher windshield - clearly a prospect that would please the motoring public, as well as the companies which insure them."

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